The Workshop on Person-Oriented Vision (POV) 2011 was held on 7th January 2011, with a programme of two invited speakers and six oral presentations of work on Person-Oriented Vision, and had an attendance of 50 people. The workshop details and proceedings may be found on the IEEE web site. Thank you to all who participated in POV and WVM 2011!

POV has now been succeeded by the Workshop on User-Centred Computer Vision (UCCV), the first of which will be held in January 2013 as part of the Winter Vision Meetings in Tampa, Florida, U.S.A.

Organisers and Committee for POV 2011


General chair: Gregor Miller (University of British Columbia) ( Email)
Program chair: Daesik Jang (Kunsan National University)

Programme Committee

Michael S. Brown (National University of Singapore)
Fernando De la Torre (Carnegie Mellon University)
Charles R. Dyer (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Sidney Fels (University of British Columbia)
Adrian Hilton (University of Surrey)
Špela Ivekovič (University of Verona)
Wilmot Li (Adobe Labs)
Jim Little (University of British Columbia)
Kenji Mase (University of Nagoya)
Thomas Moeslund (Aalborg University)
Greg Mori (Simon Fraser University)
Maja Pantic (Imperial College)
Leonid Sigal (Disney Research Pittsburgh)