Welcome to the 1st Workshop on Developer-Centred Computer Vision in association with the 2012 Asian Conference on Computer Vision. This workshop aims to bring together researchers from academia and industry to discuss issues related to developer access to computer vision. The specific topics we plan to cover are listed opposite, and we hope to include work from low-level hardware interfaces to high-level APIs and visual development environments. The workshop will take place on the 5th November in Daejeon, South Korea, and the proceedings will be published with the ACCV 2012 proceedings in the Springer LNCS. The workshop has a 24% acceptance rate. Topics covered by the DCCV workshop:

  • Higher-level abstractions of vision algorithms
  • Algorithm/Task/User level API design
  • Automatic/interactive algorithm selection based on human input
  • Automatic/interactive task selection based on human input
  • Interpretation of user input such as descriptions, sketches, images or video
  • Case-studies on developer-centred computer vision
  • Visual development environments for vision system construction
  • Evaluation of vision interfaces (e.g. through user studies)
DCCV will be held as part of ACCV 2012 in Daejeon, South Korea. For details, please see the venue page of ACCV 2012.