OpenVL is the future of developer-friendly computer vision - existing vision frameworks provide access at a very low level, such as individual algorithm names (often named after their inventor), while OpenVL provides a higher-level abstraction to hide the details of sophisticated vision techniques: developers use a task-centred API to supply a description of the problem, and OpenVL interprets the description and provides a solution.

The OpenVL computer vision abstraction will support hardware acceleration and multiple platforms (mobile, cloud, desktop, console), and therefore also allows vendor-specific implementations. We are committed to making it an open API available to everyone (and hope to make it an open standard); Continue reading...
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If you would like: more information on OpenVL; to visit our lab; to arrange to view a demonstration; please contact us:

Gregor Miller
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Sidney Fels
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Human Communication Technologies Lab
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
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