2nd Workshop on
User-Centred Computer Vision


This year's UCCV will present 10 papers, selected from 22 submissions (46% acceptance rate). There will be an introduction from the organisers as well as an invited talk (speaker to be confirmed). Each presentation will be 17 minutes with 3 minutes for questions. The final session will be a discussion of UCCV and ideas on how to build the community (refreshments will be served).

0900 - 0930Introduction to UCCV
Gregor Miller
0930 - 1030Session 1: Developer-Centred Computer Vision
0930 - 0950An Abstraction for Correspondence Search using Task-Based Controls
Gregor Miller, Sidney Fels
0950 - 1010Towards Efficient Feedback Control in Streaming Computer Vision Pipelines
Mohamed A. Helala, Ken Q. Pu, Faisal Z. Qureshi
1010 - 1030Debugging Object Tracking Results by a Recommender System with Correction Propagation
Mingzhong Li, Zhaozheng Yin
1030 - 1100Coffee break
1100 - 1220Session 2: Interactive Computer Vision
1100 - 1120Interactive Shadow Editing from Single Images
Han Gong, Darren Cosker
1120 - 1140Colour Matching Between Stereo Pairs of Images
Stephen Willey, Phil Willis, Jeff Clifford, Ted Waine
1140 - 1200User Directed Multi-View-Stereo
Yotam Doron, Neill Campbell, Jon Starck, Jan Kautz
1200 - 12203D Interaction Through a Real-Time Gesture Search Engine
Shahrouz Yousefi, Haibo Li
1220 - 1330Lunch (on your own)
1330 - 1430Invited Speaker
 (To be confirmed)
1430 - 1530Session 3: Technologies for Interaction
1330 - 1530Hand Part Classification using Single Depth Images
Myoung-Kyu Sohn, Dong-Ju Kim, Hyunduk Kim
1330 - 1530Human Tracking using a Far-Infrared Sensor Array and a Thermo-Spatial Sensitive Histogram
Takashi Hosono, Tomokazu Takahashi, Daisuke Deguchi, Ichiro Ide, Hiroshi Murase, Tomoyoshi Aizawa, Masato Kawade
1330 - 1530Feature Point Tracking Algorithm Evaluation for Augmented Reality in Handheld Devices
Amila Perera, Akila Pemasiri, Sameera Wijayarathna, Chameera Wijebandara, Chandana Gamage
1530 - 1600Closing Remarks and Discussion (with coffee break)